Osteoporosis can turn a minor bump or fall into a potential fracture. This condition, in which the bones are slowly robbed of the calcium that makes them strong, afflicts one-fifth of men and one-third of women aged 50 and older. If you’re worried about the effects of osteoporosis on your own body, you should know that there are safe, natural methods for helping you retain bone density — including, perhaps surprisingly, chiropractic care. Here at Horbach Chiropractic, our Trevor chiropractors help you gain control over your osteoporosis.

Understanding Osteoporosis

To understand osteoporosis, you need to understand how bones function. Bones lose density all the time in the natural course of events, but the bone cells they lose are replaced at a consistent pace. This process is called remodeling, and it’s an essential aspect of bone health. But when the rate of bone cell loss outstrips the rate at which new bone cells are formed, the net loss of density makes the bones increasingly thin and brittle. This is what we call osteoporosis. Osteoporosis greatly increases your fracture risk, with everyday activities or accidents suddenly becoming more than your bones can withstand. The disease most commonly strikes the pelvic, spinal, and wrist bones.

Why do people get osteoporosis? There are many possible causes. The risk rises with age because older bodies produce less estrogen and testosterone. Imbalances in other hormones may also cause osteoporosis. Drinking, smoking, and certain medications may play a role in the condition’s development. Insufficient levels of calcium and Vitamin D deprives your bones of the raw materials necessary to remodel bone. Last but not least, a sedentary lifestyle discourages bone remodeling.

Specialized Adjustment, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Techniques

If you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you may have assumed that your bones are too brittle to undergo chiropractic adjustment. But in the right hands, chiropractic care can be not only safe but also beneficial for your condition. Our chiropractors, Dr. Horbach and Dr. Leimback, know how to apply extremely gentle, specialized adjustment techniques that manipulate joints without applying undue force to bones. In fact, the adjustments can actually trigger the production of new bone, aiding in the remodeling process and increasing bone density. Our BStrong4Life rehabilitation system of isometric exercises, Power Plate and BioDensity technologies, and clinical biomechanics can also help you build bone density safely and naturally. We’ll even advise you on bone-nurturing nutritional and lifestyle choices.

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