Peak Performance is based on two foundations:

1) Range of Motion
2) Balance

These two critical factors affect everything in your life, from how you bend over to tie your shoes to athletic performance. Every joint in your body, especially your spinal joints, have and require a very delicate and fragile range of motion. When spinal joints lose their range of motion, the muscles that protect the spine become weaker and are more prone to injury. When spinal joints are affected, it causes irritation to the nerves that control muscle contraction, muscle force, coordination, balance, strength, agility and many other factors.

The more joints involved in a movement, the more likely you are to be unbalanced and weak. Moving or training your spine and structure with imbalances further reinforces those imbalances. This will cause your body to compensate and can lead to new injuries, repetitive chronic injuries and a weakened structure.

Peak Performance starts with using the latest diagnostic techniques to find these imbalances, no matter how slight they may be, and finding a solution that fits your needs. Horbach Chiropractic has become the leader in diagnosing and treating back and neck pain, migraines, whiplash, sports related injuries and age related problems.