One of the reasons people flock to Horbach Chiropractic is the sheer range of holistic or “whole body” treatment options we provide. Whether you are trying to improve your overall fitness or you’re struggling to overcome an injury or degenerative pain problem, we have a variety of advanced healing modalities that can help. One of these is especially versatile — a physiotherapy tool/technique known as Power Plate vibration therapy available from our chiropractors in Trevor, WI. Look at what this remarkable option can do for you.

Vibration Therapy’s Role in Rehabilitation and Personal Training

Your body responds to every external force that acts upon it — including vibration. Even subtle degrees of high-speed vibration can provide dramatic health and physical rehabilitation benefits. As a result, vibration therapy has fascinated medical minds since the 19th Century. Accelerated vibration training is known to help people with:

Bone density – Space programs use vibration training to help astronauts retain their bone density to counteract the effects of weightlessness. It can be very useful for patients with osteoporosis.

Muscle strength – Instead of contracting a few times every couple seconds, as usual, muscles subjected to vibration therapy contract up to 30 times a second. This enhances muscle growth and strength.

Mobility, flexibility, and balance – Vibration therapy can help fine-tune the small muscles that regulate balance while improving your range of motion. The Power Plate vibrates in three directions, sharpening your body’s proprioception (sense of relative position) to improve your balance.

Circulation – Studies show that vibration therapy can boost blood flow, making it an effective tool for treating vascular problems and promoting speedier injury healing.

Pain relief – Vibration therapy is known to interrupt pain signals to the brain. This means it can help manage chronic pain and reduce the soreness that often follows athletic events or workouts.

A Powerful Part of Our Holistic Healing Services

The Power Plate is a relatively simple-looking device with a vibrating plate at the bottom, a pedestal with handholds, and a digital readout. But you can perform a number of exercises with this machine by standing, sitting, or lying on it. We can prescribe specific activities best suited to address your particular condition, symptoms, or personal training goals. It’s a powerful part of our BStrong4Life system of exercises — and it could be exactly what you need to feel and function better.

Looking for Advanced Physiotherapy in Antioch and Trevor, WI?

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