In this modern digital world, a growing number of people are suffering from a condition known as text neck. This pain occurs when you stare at electronic devices too long and can be very debilitating for your posture. Our Trevor chiropractors have treated this problem at Horbach Chiropractic and can help you overcome it quickly and efficiently.

The Nature of Text Neck

Text neck is a posture-related issue that occurs when you stare down at a cell phone, tablet, or even a book for extended periods. It is particularly common in younger people who have become very attached to the use of their phone and who regularly check it throughout their day. When it affects you, it will create a very stiff neck that will persist throughout the day.  The increasing prevalence of this issue indicates that it needs to be treated more seriously by chiropractors around the nation who may have ignored it in the past.

Symptoms Most Commonly Associated with Text Neck Strain

There are several symptoms that indicate the development of this disease. Many of them are very subtle while others are obvious and can become more traumatic as the condition worsens. Just a few signs include

  • Upper back pain
  • Sharp pains in your neck
  • Upper back muscle spasms
  • Pain in the arms and hands
  • Difficulty falling to sleep

How Horbach Chiropractic Can Help with Relieving Neck Pain

As a chiropractor serving Trevor, WI and Antioch, IL, we can provide you with many text neck treatment benefits. For example, we use the BStrong4Life System to identify the source of your pain and to manage it effectively. This system uses technologies like bioDensity to gauge the source of your pain and to diagnose a treatment for it.

However, we also use Power Plate equipment to help with this problem. Power Plate is a vibration device that applies focused vibrations to your neck to send promote healing. These combinations of treatments can improve your bone density, boost your overall strength, help out your spinal stability and even promote better blood circulation through your most effected muscles.

We also use techniques like physiotherapy to manipulate any soft-tissue damage that may be bothering you. Physiotherapy is a treatment method that carefully manipulates your neck muscles and those in your back to keep them strong and protected from dangerous and painful issues.

Text Neck Shouldn’t Be Ignored, Contact our Chiropractors in Trevor, WI

If you text regularly and fear that you are going to suffer from text neck, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Horbach Chiropractic. Our chiropractors serve Trevor, WI,  Antioch, IL, and the surrounding areas and can provide you with the text neck treatment you need to manage this issue. Contact us at (262) 862-6001 to learn more about text neck and how we can help.